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How to force WorkQueue and TakeNextActivity functionality to utilize the Job due date and not activity due date

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Question / Problem: 

I would like to force the Workqueue and the TakeNextActivity functionality to utilize the Job due date and not the activity due date. Since a job can have many activities, it does not make sense to have to update/modify these due dates multiple times when we could easily set it once on the job and have that be it

Answer / Solution: 

  1. Job due dates ("Expected Duration") is shown below                       job due dates -expected duration.png
  2. (a) Activity due date ('Doc Review Due date) is shown below                Activity due date -doc review due date.png

2. (b). Activity due date (Validation Due Date) is shown below

Activity due date -validation due date.png

You want (2a and 2b, doc review due date and validation activity due date) to only show/have Job due date (1).

Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into KTA Designer and open the Process Designer.
  2. Unlock and open the intended KTA process for example shown below. 
  3. Create A Date process variable as showncreate date variable-1.png
  4. Add the date variable created above to the individual activities (document review and Validation activity) extended properties as showndoc review target date.png
  5. Apply the same to the Validation Activity extended property.
  6. Click on "Release"
  7. Open the activity in workspace and you should have the followingwhen variable was added.png


Applies to:  

Product Version
TotalAgility 7.4
TotalAgility 7.5
TotalAgility 7.6