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KTA7x - Which APIs are available for a form for a "Limited User"?

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TotalAgility Limited Users: Allows anonymous users to create new jobs or get the properties of jobs in progress. The APIs that can be executed using a limited user license are restricted to the following:

  • JobService.CreateJob

  • JobService.CreateJobInCase

  • JobService.CreateJobInCaseWithDocuments

  • JobService.CreateJobWithDocuments

  • JobService.GetJobProperties

  • JobService.GetJobProperties2

  • JobService.GetMinJobDetails

  • JobService.CreateCase

  • JobService.CreateCaseWithDocuments

  • JobService.getcaseJobProperties

  • CreateJobSyncWithDocuments


When one of these APIs is called, a limited user license is consumed for the duration of the call. The license is released once the call is complete. The number of limited users that can be simultaneously logged into the system depends upon the number of licenses you have purchased.

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