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ONLY six options when logged into OPMT designer

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Question / Problem: 

 I have installed an OPMT integration server but when I log into the designer and then go to integration I only see 6 options and I don’t see the rest. Why is that?

Answer / Solution: 

After installing the integration server you will now have two separate designers and you would need to access the designers separately.

-        Your integration server url would be something like https://nameoftheserver/ and it would contain all the Integration options (12 options)

-        The second designer would have a url like https://tenantsname/ and that would have less options (Six options) so you would not see all the options if you access this url.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KTA 7.3 On-Premise Multi-Tenant
KTA 7.4 On-Premise Multi-Tenant
KTA 7.5 On-Premise Multi-Tenant
KTA 7.6 On-Premise Multi-Tenant


Author:  Tunji Akanni