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Upgrading a Tenant on an OPMT environment

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Question / Problem: 

How do I upgrade the tenants on my On-premise multi-tenant environment (OPMT) or is this something my tenants can do themselves?

Answer / Solution: 

Upgrading of tenants can only be done by the OPMT administrator and this is done on the tenant management as shown below

1. Log into the Tenant Management

2. Select "Upgrade Tenants"

3. Select if you want to upgrade Development Environment, Production Environment or All Environment as shown below

OPMT tenant upgrade.png

Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KTA 7.3 On-Premise Multi-Tenant
KTA 7.4 On-Premise Multi-Tenant
KTA 7.5 On-Premise Multi-Tenant
KTA 7.6 On-Premise Multi-Tenant


Author:  Tunji Akanni