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How Is The "Template image" Document Type Option Used In KTA?

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When configuring a document type in Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) there is an option on the General tab called "Template image." Here is a screenshot of this setting in KTA 7.10.


The description for this setting is as follows:

The template image is an image associated with a document type. It can be accessed through the SDK and can be used to merge the runtime image with the template to create an overlay of a form.

Is there any further documentation regarding how to configure and/or use this option with a KTA project?



This option was mainly added for use with the now discontinued Claims Agility product. Here is a description from the Product Development Team for how this option was intended to be used. 

"This feature was added for the Claims Agility solution back in the day.

For the Claims Agility solution, it works in the following way.

A drop out form (form without lines and boxes but with data printed) comes into the system and is merged with the “Template Image” (Overlay Image).

With the help of anchor points on the drop out form, offset and scaling is calculated which is applied to the “Overlay Image” stream and then this stream is merged with the drop out stream.

This merged form (tiff image) is then added as a page rendition which allows the validation operator to switch between these renditions (form variants). One without boxes and lines and one with boxes and lines.

There is a class called “TotalAgilityLogistics.cs in $/Medical Claims/KCA 1.3/Code/ClaimsAgility/ClaimsAgility.Overlay which contains methods that uses the TotalAgility SDK to interact with the “Template Image” and “Page Renditions.”"


So, this was mainly a feature used in conjunction with Claims Agility, most likely for a scenario where a customer wanted to substitute their own overlay image instead of the one that came with CA. It can probably be used with a KTA project, but it would be an unsupported customization that would require using the .cs file mentioned above for developing a custom solution. 


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