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Add a document source file to new documents

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After splitting a document during the Validation or Verification activity it is observed that only the originally created document is assigned a source file. How can we add a source file to the new documents?



An ingested PDF needs to be converted to TIFF before it can be split during a Validation or Verification activity. The conversion can be performed using an Image Processing or Document Conversation activity.

When the document is split, only the original document will retain the association to the Source File. This is by design. Any newly created document from the split will not be associated with a source file. 

To associate a source file of type PDF, first use the PDF Generation activity on the newly created document. Then the following 2 methods can be used to obtain the specific PDF for the document and associate it with the newly created document:

  • GetBinaryExtension()
    • Passing in the extension name Kofax.CEBPM.PdfRepresentation will return the generated PDF source file as a byte[]
  • UpdateSourceFile()
    • Passing in the data returned from GetBinaryExtension() will update the document's source file to the newly generated Pdf.

The end result is that each document will have a PDF source representing the number of pages in the document. 


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KTA 7.8+      




Article # 3041613
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