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Can KTA Activity Nodes Added On An Integration Server Be Modified From The Main Server?

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In an OPMT or Cloud installation of TotalAgility (KTA), if an activity node is added and configured on the Integration server, then the process map is edited in KTA Designer on the Main server, some functions do not work as expected. For instance, for an Email Notification Activity, right-clicking on the To: or CC: fields does not open the context menu for adding a variable for dynamic operation.



This behavior is by design, as explained in the KTA Designer online help, when configuring a process map in a non-On Premise installation. See the following notes.

  • When you open a business process/case/skin/business rule created within the main server, the activities configured on the Integration server appear read-only.
  • When you create a job on a process that contains any of the previously listed nodes, the nodes are executed using the on-premise integration settings.


Therefore, any activity nodes that are added in the Integration Server will function as Read-Only when attempting to modify them in the Main KTA Designer. These Integration nodes should only be edited on the Integration Server.


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