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Configure Local Kofax VRS Settings for Scanning into KTA

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How to configure the VRS cleanup settings when scanning into a KTA Scan Form using a local installation of Kofax VRS.



When scanning into a Scan Form using the Kofax Software VRS - TWAIN scan source:

  • Image Processing settings in the KTA Scan/VRS Profile are not pushed down to the local installation of Kofax VRS
  • The scan form will use the Scan settings from the KTA Scan/VRS Profile:
    • Page Size
    • Orientation
    • Color Mode
    • Resolution
    • Sides
  • The Scan Form will push down the name of the Scan/VRS Profile to the local installation of Kofax VRS
  • Kofax VRS will load a local VRS Profile with a name that matches the name of the KTA Scan/VRS Profile if one exists. 
  • If it can't find a local Kofax VRS profile with a name that matches the KTA Scan/VRS Profile, VRS will use the last used Kofax VRS Profile. 



To configure local Kofax VRS settings for use with a KTA Scan Form:

  1. Install the scanner's ISIS driver on the local scan station
  2. Install Kofax VRS on the local scan station

    Kofax VRS can be installed as a standalone installation using either an OEM version of VRS or standalone software VRS licensing.  It can also be installed so that it pulls VRS licensing (if available) from the KTA license.

    To install Kofax VRS so that it pulls VRS licensing from the KTA license, see one of the following articles:

  3. Load the KTA Scan Form
  4. Click the View or Change Scan Settings button
  5. Select Kofax Software VRS - TWAIN from the Select a Scanner dropdown
  6. Select the appropriate KTA Scan/VRS Profile from the Select a Profile dropdown and note the exact spelling of the name of the profile.
  7. Check the Scan from Device Vendor Dialog checkbox.
  8. Click OK to close the Scan Settings window.
  9. Click the Scan All Sheets button.  The Kofax VRS TWAIN Interface window will appear.
  10. In the Kofax VRS TWAIN Interface window, click the Advanced button.  This will launch the VRS Interactive Viewer window.
  11. Configure the VRS features in the Image Quality tab.
  12. Once the VRS features have been configured, click the Save the Current Settings to a New Profile button
  13. Name the profile using the exact same name as the KTA Scan/VRS Profile noted in Step 6 and click OK.
  14. Click OK to close the VRS Interactive Viewer
  15. Click Cancel to close the Kofax VRS TWAIN Interface window
  16. In the Scan Form, click the View or Change Scan Settings button
  17. Uncheck the Scan from Device Vendor Dialog checkbox and click OK.


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax TotalAgility 7.11
ALL Scan Stations N/A
Kofax VRS 5.2
ALL Kofax TotalAgility N/A





Article # 3048160
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