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Disabling TotalAgility Reporting

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Is it possible to disable collection of reporting data in TotalAgility?


KTA 7.9 and higher

Starting with KTA 7.9, reporting can be disabled in the Designer:

System Settings > Database, retention and reporting > Reporting Server > Check or uncheck “Enable the Reporting feature”.

When unchecking “Enable the Reporting feature” this will present the question “Do you also want to delete any unprocessed Reporting data from the staging database?”  Clicking no will disable reporting and take no other action.

Clicking Yes will make an API call that will execute [TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging].[dbo].[sp_truncate_tables], which will drop certain column constraints and then TRUNCATE each table in the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging table.  This operation uses the CommandTimeoutForDatabaseInSeconds value in the web.config as a timeout value.  This defaults to 0, which is an indefinite timeout.

Be sure to restart all services and use iisreset for all IIS instances to make sure the disable of reporting has taken effect.

KTA 7.8 and earlier

Collection of reporting data cannot be disabled.  All components in KTA that process activities will write raw reporting data messages into the wsa_messages table in the reporting staging database.

Stopping the Reporting service

Stopping the reporting service is not the same as disabling collection of reporting data.  Stopping the service does not prevent KTA components from writing raw reporting data to the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database.  The service processes raw data from the staging database and moves it to the main TotalAgility_Reporting database.  Therefore with the service not running, the raw data just accumulates in the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database.

When collection of reporting data is enabled, stopping the service may be appropriate during certain troubleshooting to avoid errors or performance impact.  However the backlog of data in the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database will continue growing until the service is started again, or until reporting functionality is disabled.

If collection of reporting data is disabled and intended to remain that way, then the service can remain stopped or uninstalled entirely.

Disabling the Reporting system task

Disabling the Reporting system task does not disable collection of reporting data.  The Reporting system task is what tells the Reporting service how frequently to attempt to process raw reporting data in the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database.  With the system task disabled, the service will do no work even if it remains running, thus the raw data just accumulates in the TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging database.

There is generally no reason to disable the reporting system task.

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