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Export Package with Export Connector Mappings

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When troubleshooting Export connector issues, it may sometimes require a package export containing the customer's export mappings to ensure that support are testing like-for-like, customers may also want to promote the Export Connector configurations through their environments, this KB describes how to create and export the package


Process Versions 

If the same version of the process exists on the target environment, the export connector mappings will not be imported/updated
This is because the Export Connector mappings are linked to the business process
Release the process on the source environment before creating the package

Creating & Exporting the package 

When in the Create Package screen,

Add the Process that contains the Export node (this should auto-add any associated artefacts)

On the Export Options tab, check the box for Connector Mappings:


Optional Step 

If you wish to edit the Export configurations before creating the package, please also perform these steps:


NOTE: You can edit the Export configurations on the target environment without needing to create a Deployment configuration

Click on the Deployment Configuration tab and create a new Deployment:


When added, you will see it listed on the 'Deployment Configuration' tab:


When Exporting the package, ensure that you select the deployment from the dropdown:


Importing the Package on the target environment 

When Importing the package on the target environment, ensure that the Connector Mappings checkbox is checked:


Level of Complexity 


Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax TotalAgility v7.5 +      




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