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How to Configure Complete and Take Next Activity Without Using Work Allocation Rule

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In an organization, there are many processes and users, then users need to work on different processes.  Activity access has been configured by groups for easier management.  Although there is work allocation rule, a user could only be allocated a working group at a time then for supervisors to change the user's working group via workspace is a hassle from time to time.  A more preferred approach is for any user to select from the available work queues, take an activity to complete and take next activity from the same selected work queue.


1. Define your required Work Queue queues

2. Make sure that there is no work allocation rule being allocated to the resources.

3. Enable 'Complete and take next activity' functionality.

  • If you are using custom form, add your button and configure it accordingly. 
  • If you are using a generated capture form, select your control (e.g. ValidationControl) and tick the checkbox for "Show complete and take next".

4. Finally set the "TakeNextActivity" for its configuration at the UserFilterData, set WORKQUEUE_FILTER (global variable) to it.

  • For all forms, go to the Form designer, actions tab, find the activity and edit the configuration.  Below screen shot is an example from Capture Starter Pack at the Validation form.

Validation - Actions - Edit TakeNextActivity.png

  • If you are using custom form then other than editing via Actions Tab -> TakeNextActivity, you could also select the button and find the TakeNextActivity from the Clicked event to edit - an example of a testing process custom form is shown below for illustration purpose.

Edit Custom Button Event - Configure TakeNextAction.png

Now you can verify by selecting the desired work queue where you can take the activity which has "Complete and Take Next" enabled, get the activity, work on it then complete and take next, you should be able to get the next activity in this current work queue.  To get to other queue then cancel and get back to workspace, select another work queue and so on.



1. If the solution is not working then

  • it could be due to the reported Bug 1743965:26460626 - TakeNextActivity api not working as expected when passing the UserFilterData parameter
  • you will need the fix pack KTA and higher (you could check out the KB article from the reference section below).

2. If Work Allocation Rule is what you need then you could check out the KB article from the reference section below.

3. The solution has been tested and verified for KTA, it should work for earlier versions if the above can be done and verified.


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