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How to activate KTA License on different server

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At times, customers need to move an existing license to a different server for different reasons: upgrade of the hardware, disaster recovery, etc.

Once a license is activated, that license number (serial number) becomes associated to the environment it was activated on. This means that customers trying to activate the license in a different server will get an error message advising them that the license has already been activated elsewhere and therefore cannot be activated here.


Below is the procedure to follow to be able to have that association removed so that the activation can be done on a different server.

1.  First , you should request a temporary code. This can be done through this link: Temporary License Activation 

  • Complete the Contact Information portion of the form
  • Enter the Serial Number of the license to be moved into the Serial Number and Serial Number (confirm) fields.
  • Leave the Version value set to All other products and/or versions
  • From the Reason dropdown list, select Move Software License
  • Click the Request button.  Two new fields will appear.
  • Enter the Product Code for the license into the Product Code field
  • Enter the Machine ID for the NEW server into the Machine ID field.  (The Machine ID should be copied from the License screen on the new server)
  • Click the Request button again.
  • A Temporary Activation Code will be generated which is only valid for 5 days from the time of generation.
  • Copy the Temporary Activation Code
  • In the License Activation window on the new server select the Manual radio button
  • Paste the Temporary Activation code into the Activation code field and click Activate or Reactivate

2- Once the temporary code has been requested, open a Support Case explaining the request to the Kofax Technical Support Team and letting us know you have already requested it. This code will allow us to locate your details and have a record of your activation requests.

3- Kofax Technical Support will then be able to remove the association with the previous MAC and will inform you when that has been done through the case comments.

4- You will then be able to activate the actual License normally either automatically (if your server has internet access) or manually (if the server has no internet access)

To activate the license manually please go to the Kofax Manual Activation Website where you will need to fill in a form to get the manual activation code. This will need to be copied and pasted into the Activation Code field.



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