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How to collect a Fiddler trace both HTTP and HTTPs traffic

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This article provides detailed instructions on how to collect Fiddler traces for both HTTP and HTTPs traffic.



  1. Download and install the latest Fiddler Classic version here (direct download).
  2. Launch Fiddler.
  3. From the Fiddler Menu, select File Capture to stop capturing of traffic or hit F12 temporarily.
  4. From the Fiddler Menu, select Tools | Options.
  5. Change to the HTTPS tab.
  6. Enable the following settings:
    • Capture HTTPS CONNECTs
    • Decrypt HTTPS traffic
  7. (select) .....from all processes
  8. https options.jpg
  9. Accept the prompts to Trust and Install the Fiddler Root Certificate.  (This step is required to decrypt HTTPS traffic).
  10. From the Fiddler Menu, select File Capture to start capturing of traffic or hit F12.
  11. Once the issue has been reproduced, save the trace by selecting File | Save All Sessions, and specify the Session Archive (.saz) filename and location.
  12. Zip up the .saz file and provide to your Support Engineer.



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Article # 3039831
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