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How to configure Transformation Designer for HTTPS

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What considerations and steps are involved, when configuring the Kofax Transformation Designer to use HTTPS.


Update the Kofax Transformation Designer to use SDK SVC accessed via SSL by updating the connection within Kofax Transformation Designer options.

For Kofax Transformation Designer, you need to do the following for HTTPS communication:

  • Make sure you have installed a certificate that is trusted by the client on the server.
  • If the Transformation Designer server is installed on-premise but is not part of a domain, disable Windows Authentication for BasicHttpBinding_Service and WebHttpBinding_Service.

Specify the URL for Transformation Designer for HTTPS as follows:

  • For Azure: https://<Azure host name>/Services/SDK
  • For other configurations: https://<host name>/TotalAgility/Services/SDK


1. Open the Kofax Transformation Designer

2. Click File

3. Click Connections (seen in newer versions of KTA, such as KTA 7.9), or 'Options' in older versions of KTA (such as 7.5)

4. Click Add for a new connection, or Modify for an existing connection

5. In the URL textbox, make sure that it begins with https://,

For Example:      https://localhost/TotalAgility/Services/Sdk


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Kofax Totalagility 7.5 (and onwards)      


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Article # 3034885