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How to download XML and EML files from the Message Connector

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For troubleshooting purposes, technical support may request for a copy of certain messages that are stored within the Message Connector.  This article covers how to perform this.



1.  Launch the Message Connector Monitor by going to Start | All Programs | Kofax | Message Connector Monitor.

2.  In the Inbound Status section under Active | Failures OR Processed | Failures locate the failed message.

3.  For EML format = Under the Commands section (far right), click on the left most icon (sheet of paper with magnifying glass) to save a copy of this message.

4.  For XML format = Under the Commands section (far right), right click the XML icon and select 'Save target as...'

5.  For each message that the EML and/or XML is downloaded, copy and provide the Universally Unique Identifier value.  This value will be used to search the MC logs.  Ideally the logging should be set to Debug mode.  Use this article for steps on enabling and collecting debug MC Logs: How to enable debug Message Connector logging

a.  Click the "i" icon.

b.  On the bottom panel, the Folder Properties window will pop up and show the Universally Unique Identifier value.

c.  Copy this value onto Notepad or any other word editor application.

6.  Provide all downloaded items and UUI values to technical support.


Below is an example video showing how this is done:


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Article # 3040474
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