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How to enable KTA CoreWorker logging to investigate KIC import connector issues

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Depending on the issue, it could be that you will be asked to provide "KTA logs" for an investigation. 
In this log is the communication between the KIC and KTA part written. 


Find the Agility.Server.Core.WorkerService.exe.config in C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\CoreWorkerService\

Backup the existing .config file and open it with e.g. notepad.
Search for the system.diagnostics element:


To activate the KTA logs, uncomment this part like this (remove <!-- and -->):


Save and close notepad, then restart the CoreWorker.
Afterwards, it would write the log as KTALog.txt into the folder C:\temp

For an investigation, it would be good to provide timestamp matching logs.
The recommendation is to delete the old existing logs, reproduce the issue again and collect a clean set of MC and KTA logs. 
MC logs should be generated with the following settings: 

Trace Level = 60
Message Trace Size = 10000
Size of Trace File = 10000

(please restore to the old configs when you are finished)


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KTA 7.x        




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