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How to enable debug Message Connector logging

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How do I enable Message Connector debug logging?


1.  Stop the Kofax Message Connector service.

kofax message connector service.jpg

2. Navigate to the Message Connector log directory.  Backup all logs and then clear all the .log files. 

( The default directory path for this is: C:\ProgramData\Kofax\KIC-ED\MC\Log )

3. Launch the Configuration Tool.  There are two methods to do this:

config tool start programs link.jpg         config tool mc monitor link.jpg

4.  In the Message Connector Configuration tool, click the 'Advanced' button.

advanced button.jpg

5.  Scroll to the very bottom of this window and expand the 'Trace settings' option.

trace settings.jpg

6.  Set the following values.  Note - the default values for each of these parameters are shown in green should you need to revert.

  • Trace level = 60
  • Message trace size = 10000
  • Size of trace files = 20000  

debug settings.jpg

7.  Click the 'Save button' and restart the Kofax Message Connector service either through the Configuration Tool or through Services.msc.

8.  Reproduce issue and collect the debug logs in the log directory path stated in Step 2 above.


If you are working with suspect or failed messages from within the Message Connector use the following article for instructions on how to download both the EML and XML formats of the message(s).

How to download XML and EML files from the Message Connector


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Article # 3038088
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