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How to mark a document as finished and completed

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When using document retention, the retention policy can be configured to mark a document for deletion based on the date the document was last accessed or, since version 7.8, the date the document was marked as finished.


But how can a document be marked as finished?


There are a few possible options to achieve this, depending on the requirements:

  • Use Mark Finished activity (under Capture nodes) .
    An input folder or document can be configured in this node. If configuring an input folder, all documents within this folder and subfolders will be marked as finished and completed 
  • Use MarkDocumentAsFinished() SDK method 
    The document ID is passed to the method which will update the document as finished and completed
  • Use MarkFolderDocumentsAsFinished() SDK method
    This method will update all the documents in the folder specified (and any subfolders) to finished and completed 



All of the methods above will populate the FinishedAt property in the DocumentData  table in the TotalAgility_Documents DB with the timestamp of when the action took place.

They will also mark the documents as completed in the Reporting DB (is_processing_completed column in reporting tables). This flag is used for the Reporting retention policy and for analytics.


NOTE: Please note the Mark completed checkbox available in the Delete and Export activities, only marks documents as completed in the reporting tables but not as finished in the TotalAgility_Documents DB.

Similarly, the SDK method UpdateDocumentsProcessingCompleted also updates only the reporting tables.

This feature (marking documents as completed in the Reporting DB) is available since version 7.5.

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Article # 3038436
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