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How to separate, classify, and extract bar codes without using Transformation volume licenses in Kofax TotalAgility

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Is it possible to separate, classify, and extract bar codes without using Transformation volume licenses?


Yes: Similar to how Kofax Capture can use bar codes without using Transformation volume, Kofax TotalAgility can use bar codes without using Transformation volume.  To better understand the exact conditions where volume is used, see the help topic Additional information about decrementing volume.

Separation and Classification

Bar code based separation and classification can be achieved by using a Separation Profile.  In this example, documents are separated when a Code 39 bar code is found, and if the value of the bar code matches a document type name, then the document will be classified to that document type. 


In this sample process, the Separation Profile is used at the Classification activity, however it can also be assigned to occur at scan time by assigning the profile in the properties of the process.


A bar code locator can be used in an Extraction Group without using Transformation volume.  However any other locator, or any configured classification or separation options will cause Transformation volume to be used.

Notable pitfalls
PDF Text

Extracting a text representation of a PDF with text layers is considered to be part of a Transformation process, similar to OCR.  Accordingly, this uses Transformation volume.  The “Extract Text From PDF” setting is located on the Capture tab of the process properties, and has a default value of “All Text”.  This must be changed to “Ignore All Text Layer” to avoid using Transformation volume.  This setting can easily be missed because it will not have an effect when testing with images, or image based PDFs.


Classification Settings

Content and Layout Classification are enabled by default in a new Classification Group, so these should be disabled on the Classification tab of the Project Settings.  If these remain enabled, then Transformation volume will still be used.


Using the sample

The attached sample project, created in KTA 7.5, demonstrates separating, classifying, and extracting with a bar code, without using Transformation volume. 

Import the package and navigate to BarcodeSepClassify_Scan.form.

Import the attached barcode.tif multiple times and create a job.  See that it ends up in validation with the pages separated, documents classified to the “BARCODE” class, and with the bar code value extracted to a field.

Import any other image to see that it instead gets classified to a “Misc” class by default.

Sample project:

Sample image:    BARCODE.tif


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