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How to sync more than one Domain with Active Directory

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If there is a requirement to synchronize more than one Domain Active Directory with KTA.  One scenario for this type of configuration as an example:


You are in the middle of transitioning between domains within your organization.  Some users are moving over to the new domain quicker than others. Currently, the AD sync is set up and pointing to the current (old) domain but would like to allow it to sync with both new and old domains.



Please note that the suggestion below is just an example of how this can be done.  You should test and validate any AD Sync changes in a lower environment.

1. Create a copy of all AD sync server variables i.e. AD_SERVERNAME_CN_2, etc.  These would refer to the new Domain.

2. Create a copy of the SYSTEM Active Directory Synchronization process.

3. In the copied SYSTEM Active Directory Synchronization process, map the new AD sync variables and map into the AD Sync node.


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Article # 3047042
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