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How to uninstall a fix pack

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After installing a fix pack, it might be necessary to uninstall it for one reason or another.  How can this be done?



Note:  This solution assumes DB backups were taken before the fix pack being applied.

Go to Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> View Installed Updates.  Uninstall any Kofax update installed on the same date as the fix pack.


After doing this, stop all Kofax services and restore the DB backups. 

If there were no DB changes between fix pack versions, restoring the DB backups shouldn't be needed.  

To check if there were DB changes:

  • Go to the folder \TotalAgilityInstall\DatabaseScripts\SQL Server\Upgrade Database Scripts in the fix pack install files. 
  • Check if there is a folder name with the fix pack version in it, this indicates a DB change. 

For example, the screenshot above was taken from a v7.7.0.14 environment.  If you check the Upgrade Database Scripts folder, you can see a sub folder called To Conversion Scripts which indicates a DB change has been made.  Therefore, the DB backups need to be restored.

If you are unsure whether the DB needs to be restored after uninstalling a fix pack, please contact Technical Support quoting this KB article.


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