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How to update a line number column in a capture table at process level

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The line number values are not extracted from the document so have to be added programmatically.  The following steps will enable you to update a line number column in a capture table at process level.


Please find below the sample .NET code calling the UpdateDocumentFieldValues() SDK to update a line number column at the process level:

 public void MyUpdateDocumentFieldValueSample(string sessionId, string docId)
                var cds = new sdk.CaptureDocumentService();
                RuntimeFieldCollection rfc = new RuntimeFieldCollection();
                TableFieldIdentity tfi = new TableFieldIdentity();
                tfi.Name = "LineItems";
                DataSet ds = cds.GetDocumentTableFieldValue(sessionId, null, docId, tfi);
                DataTable dt = ds.Tables[0];
                int lines = 0;
                for (int i = 0; i < dt.Rows.Count; i++)
                    rfc.Add(new RuntimeField() { Name = "LineItems", TableColumn = 5, TableRow = i, Value = lines.ToString() });
                cds.UpdateDocumentFieldValues(sessionId, null, docId, rfc);
  • A new column (position 5) will inserted into the Capture Starter Pack Northwest document class.   (TableColumn can be changed as desired)


  • Add a .NET node calling the above method to the Capture Starter Pack process after Validation.


  • Add a loop node to call the method for each document in the folder.


  • When the job completes, the lineItem LineNum column will be updated successfully.


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