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Increase Maximum number of Activities to return

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The KTA v7.8 release notes documents the following change: 

Settings for maximum number of activities and jobs to return 

You can limit the number of activities or jobs that the system should return to prevent performance issues.
When you retrieve a list of activities or jobs within TotalAgility, the set limits are applied.

Max number of activities to return

The label of existing "Work Queue Max number of rows to return" setting is changed to Max number of activities to return.
This setting is now moved to System > System settings > System > General.

The maximum value of this setting is updated to 200.

When you upgrade to TotalAgility 7.8.0, if the current "Work Queue Max number of rows to return" setting is greater than 200,
the renamed property Max number of activities to return is updated to be 200, if it is less than 200, it is set to the current value.

Max number of jobs to return

Under the same section, Max number of jobs to return setting is available. The default value of this setting is 200 and the maximum value is 500


Several customers have raised support cases to query if this value can be increased as they had WorkQueues returning thousands of activities in previous versions.


NOTE: A fix was provided but the caveat is that increasing this number may result in performance issues.

Increasing the Max number of activities/jobs to return value 

It is best for performance to leave the limit in place, and then manage work in the system by using job and activity priority. 

However, in KTA and higher, it is possible to increase the limit by executing the following SQL script against the TotalAgility database.  As with any database change, it is recommended to make a backup before the change.  After this is run, then the settings can be increased past the limit.

--- This is custom script required to ignore WorkQueue and JobList MaxRows. 
--- For KTA OP deployment run the script against TotalAgility Main Database.
--- For KTA OPMT, run this script against Tenant Database. Replace 'dbo' with appropriate schema('live'/'dev').
UPDATE [dbo].SERVER_DATA SET SERVER_SETTINGS.modify('replace value of(/ServerSettingsServerEntity/ServerSettingsServerEntity/IgnoreWQJobListMaxRows/text())[1] with "true"')

Note: This is the same script that is included in KTA 7.8 fix packs and higher at the following path:

(Fix Pack install source)\TotalAgilityInstall\DatabaseScripts\SQL Server\CustomScripts\UpdateIgnoreWQJobListMaxRows.sql

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Kofax TotalAgility v7.8.0.3 +      


Article # 3034937
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