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KTA - Options for End of Activity Prompt

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Question / Problem: 

When a TotalAgility Capture activity, such as Doc Review, Validation, or Verification become valid, by default, the user is prompted for completing the activity and moving on with the job. What options are available for the End of Activity prompt.

Answer / Solution: 

The behavior of an Activity form when the form becomes "valid" can be changed in KTA Designer Here are the steps to make the change.

  • Open KTA Designer --> System --> System Settings.
  • Click on the "Activity Forms" link under the "User Behavior" section, as seen in this screenshot.
  • On the popup configuration window, for each activity form you want to adjust (Doc Review, Verification, Validation) select the appropriate "End of Activity" option from the drop down, as seen in this screenshot.
  • The available options behave as follows.
    • "Keep the activity open." The user will not see a prompt when the activity becomes valid and will need to manually complete the activity.
    • "Prompt me before automatically completing the activity." This is the default setting and the user will see the prompt when the activity is valid and will need to accept the prompt to complete the activity.
    • "Automatically complete the activity without prompting me." The activity will complete automatically with no prompt when the activity becomes valid.
  • After making any changes, click the "Save" button to save the changes.



Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.6+


Article # 3041222