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KTA 7.5 - Setting up document retention policy

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By default, a KTA system will be configured to preserve all document data indefinitely.

But database and/or disk space are limited. So it is in the customers' best interest to configure the appropriate retention policy settings to avoid storage issues, while still storing all the data required operationally or by law.


The retention policy feature helps automating this process so that documents that haven't been accessed for longer than the period configured are deleted automatically.

Below are the steps to configure document retention policy.

1. Go to System Settings > Settings > Retention Policy tab and specify how long to keep the documents for after they were last accessed. In the image below item (1), we will keep them for 1 year after they were last accessed.


2. In the same screen, please note the setting "Maximum Documents" (item (2) in image above)

This setting determines the maximum number documents outside the retention period that will be marked for deletion every time the retention policy system task runs.

For example, we have 50K documents in the system of which 4500 haven't been accessed for more than 1 year and the Maximum Documents setting is set to 4000. 
Although all 4500 documents meet the requirement of being last accessed more than 1 year ago, only 4000 of them will be deleted automatically. The other 500 will be processed next time the retention policy system task runs.

3. In System Settings > System Tasks, find the Retention Policy system task and configure it to run at the appropriate intervals.

The frequency of this task will depend on each implementation, but it needs to take into account how many documents are processed through the system on average to make sure that the retention will delete at the right rate to keep the DB size stable.

For example, if the system processes 2500 documents a day, it wouldn't make sense running the retention policy system task daily with "Maximum documents" set to 1000. It would need to be greater than 2500 at least.


Further details on how retention works can be found in the articles listed in the References section below.


- Deleting is a non-recoverable action.

- Documents are NOT deleted through the job retention policy. 

- Documents that meet the retention policy criteria (last accessed date longer than retention period) will be deleted regardless of the status of the jobs using them.

- Later KTA versions allow further parameters to be used for retention (ie retention by document type, retention by completed date)

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Document Retention Policy

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Article # 3039201
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