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KTA Profile Settings Image Processing during scanning

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Is it possible to use KTA Profile Settings instead of external software? or in this case, the user will be forced to use for example PaperStream IP TWAIN  driver?



Simply put, the Web Capture Service (WCS) used by KTA can perform Image Processing when scanning directly from a TWAIN source. The Fujitsu PaperStream drive for exampler is a TWAIN driver (here) which is why you are able to perform Image Processing during scanning.

VRS provides a Twain-On-Top (ToT) interface so we can scan via VRS into KTA. In this instance, VRS is used for Image Processing and not the WCS. It appears as though the WIA-fi-71600 provides this ToT interface as well since this is not a TWAIN driver. Again, in this instance, the WCS cannot perform Image Processing.


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Article # 3039237
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