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Making classification locator results accessible in the document object

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When using a shared transformation project, results of locators from the Classification Group can be accessed/used on extraction.

But when classification and extraction groups are separate, there is no obvious way to use the result of a locator between the two.


It is expected that locators aren't persistent from CG to EG, for this reason the XValue option was used by customers as documented in reference article.


It is possible to export the locator from the CG and import it into the EG. This means it will be executed twice but shared across the 2 projects. This essentially is the same as when a shared project is used.

Depending on the properties that need to be accessed, an alternative method could be using the KTA SDK.

For example, GetDocumentFieldsProperties() returns FieldSystemProperties which contains the Height, Width, Top and Left properties for a field (detected by a locator). These properties can also been seen in the Repository Browser.

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