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Manually upgrade databases to KTA 7.8 and higher

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Is it possible to manually upgrade the KTA databases to v7.8 (and higher) from v7.7 (and lower)?


Yes, this is possible, but not out of the box. 


NOTE: Before performing the manual upgrade, you will need to contact Kofax Technical Support for a copy of the Capture Migration Utility
This utility is responsible for migrating data from the v7.4 - 7.7 Documents DB schema to the redesigned Documents DB schema used in v7.8+


WARNING: There is a known issue when manually upgrading the databases to v7.9.  In this instance, please send the XML contents of the column SERVER_DATA.CEBPM_SETTINGS to Technical Support when requesting the Capture Migration Utility.

The manual database upgrade will be performed in 3 parts.

Part 1 - Run the upgrade scripts

In the Kofax TotalAgility Installation Guide, there is a section called Upgrade TotalAgility databases manually using database scripts.  Please follow the steps in this section to run the relevant scripts against the databases.

In the v7.9+ scripts folders, there will be scripts prefixed with "PostUpgrade" which should be run after the corresponding "Convert" script.

Part 2 - Run the Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe

Before executing Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe please do the following:

  • Ensure that the Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe.config file is updated to include the correct DB Connection strings
  • Ensure that the Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe.config file has the SystemSessionId setting populated.  This should match the System Session Id of the environment being upgraded
  • Ensure that the Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe.config file is updated to include an InstallDirectory 
    • If TotalAgility is installed, this should already be pointing to your TotalAgility folder - $installedlocation\TotalAgility
    • If TotalAgility is not installed, provide the path to the installation media folder - $\KofaxTotalAgility-7.9.0\TotalAgilityInstall

The upgrade utility should be run from a command line using the below syntax.  The ImportWorkspacePackage parameter should be replaced with a boolean value that indicates whether or not the Workspace package should be imported.

Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe <ImportWorkspacePackage>
Part 3 - Run the Capture Migration

Check the size of the Documents Database first,
If the DB is large, you may wish to consider increasing the timeout for Capture Migration Utility

To run the Capture Migration Utility use the following steps:

  • Open the Kofax.TotalAgility.CaptureDataMigration.Console.exe.config
  • Change the Main connection string to point the TotalAgility_Documents DB
  • Save these changes
  • Run the Kofax.TotalAgility.CaptureDataMigration.Console.exe from the command line with no arguments
  • The MigrationPreCheck script will prompt to proceed with the migration without Broken Folders - type Y to proceedManualMiration-BrokenFolders.png

NOTE: If any errors occur, a Migration.log file will be created in the same folder as the executable.  Please raise a new support case, attaching the Migration.log and a screenshot of command-line output after running the executable.

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