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Manually upgrade databases to KTA 7.9

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Is it possible to manually upgrade the KTA databases to v7.9?


Yes, this is possible, but not out of the box. 
Before performing the manual upgrade, you will need to contact Kofax Technical Support for a copy of the Capture Migration Utility
This utility is responsible for migrating data from the v7.4 - 7.7 Documents DB schema to the redesigned Documents DB schema used in v7.8+

There is a known issue (resolved in v7.10) where the cebpm_settings are not updated by Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe
Please provide the results of the following SELECT in the support case you raised to request the Capture Migration Utility:

select CEBPM_SETTINGS from SERVER_DATA with (nolock)

The result is an XML column, so copy the results into a notepad and attach it to the support case
Technical Support can then provide you with the UPDATE statement that should be run after Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe

To perform the manual database upgrade, you need to execute the following steps:

  • Follow the Upgrade databases manually section in the Kofax TotalAgility Installation Guide 
  • Before executing Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe please do the following:
    • Ensure that the PostUpgrade_ scripts within the To Conversion Scripts are executed against the relevant DBs
    • Ensure that the Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe.config file is updated to include the correct DB Connection strings
    • Ensure that the Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe.config file is updated to include an InstallDirectory 
      • If TotalAgility is installed, this should already be pointing to your TotalAgility folder - $installedlocation\TotalAgility
      • If TotalAgility is not installed, provide the path to the installation media folder - $\KofaxTotalAgility-7.9.0\TotalAgilityInstall
  • Please note that the Error Log is written to the Installation Folder rather than the Desktop
  • When Agility.Installation.Server.Upgrade.exe has successfully completed, back up the TotalAgility DB and run the UPDATE script (provided by Kofax TS)
  • Run the CaptureDataMigration Utility (steps below)

To run the Capture Data Migration Utility use the following steps:

  • Open the Kofax.TotalAgility.CaptureDataMigration.Console.exe.config
  • Change the Main connection string to point your TotalAgility_Documents DB
  • Save the config file
  • Run the Kofax.TotalAgility.CaptureDataMigration.Console.exe from the command line with no arguments

If any errors occur, a Migration.log file will be created in the same folder as the executable.  Please raise a new support case.  Attach the Migration.log and a screenshot of command-line output after running the executable.

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