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Steps to consider when upgrading from KTA 7.5 to 7.10

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I would like to know what steps to consider when upgrading from KTA v7.5 to KTA v7.10, including upgrading the operating servers from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2019, and the MS SQL 2008 servers to MS SQL Server 2014. 



Below are the detailed high level steps to be performed for upgrading the existing KTA server environment including upgrading the operating system and/or SQL Servers.

  • Fresh install of KTA v7.10 on new Windows 2019 server.
  • Restore the KTA v7.5 databases (DBs) on new SQL 2014 database server
  • After restoring DB's, ensure the new KTA v7.10 is pointed to the restored DB’s on the new SQL Server (DB connection strings - Documents table and other connections can be updated using the config utility) before performing DB upgrade.
  • Perform DB upgrade (please refer to KB article Steps to consider before upgrading to Kofax Totalagility 7.8 and above)
  • Physical files (custom dlls’, dictionaries etc.) should be moved manually
  • After DB upgrade - existing custom connection strings should be modified where stored in server variables and global variables
  • Components -  no need to reconfigure as these are automatically restored when you restore the DB’s
  • Perform any changes to import and export connectors


A very similar but alternative method would be to:

  • On existing KTA v7.5 server, perform a DB Only upgrade to KTA v7.10.
  • Once DBs are upgraded, copy/restore them on to the new SQL 2014 Server.
  • Install KTA 7.10 on new Windows 2019 Server, but during the installation choose not to install DBs, and instead configure the connection strings to point to the restored DBs from step above
  • After install completes everything should now be in place (both app and DBs will be at KTA v7.10)
  • Now continue with the rest of the steps (updating server vars, copy custom dll's, etc.)


Best practice is to test whatever approach you prefer on a non-PROD environment to ensure you are comfortable with the steps required to complete the upgrade successfully.

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