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Why can't I sort the columns in Workspace?

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Why can't I sort the columns in Workspace?



It is because sorting is not enabled. 

  1. Go to TotalAgility Designer >System > System settings >System >General.
  2. Find Enable Custom Sorting.
  3. Check the boxes to sort by:
    1. Work queue
    2. Workload
    3. Jobs
  4. Save.
  5. Restart the following services:
    1. Kofax TotalAgility IIS
    2. Kofax TotalAgility Coreworker
    3. Kofax TotalAgility Streaming Service
  6. When editing a WorkQueue query, a new Sorting button is now visible, enabling sorting to be set for three columns.


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Applies to  
Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Total Agility 7.x      
AP Agility 2.4+      






Article # 3039612
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