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How does the "Update PI" flag work in relation to KTA, Kofax Reporting and KAFTA




How does the "Update PI" flag tie everything together within KTA and KAFTA?


Data from TotalAgility DB (core KTA information) & TotalAgility_Reporting DB (Capture information) gets pulled directly into KAFTA by scheduled Insight plans.

Let’s take the Hourly execution plan to illustrate what occurs under the hood:

  • The Hourly execution plan is composed of multiple execution plans. The main ones are Load Live Data; Load Finished Data; Load Reporting Data.
  • These execution plans connect to the respective databases, invariably loading data into temporary records
For example, Job1 for Live Jobs & Jobs2 for Finished Jobs
  • The necessary Capture and Core Total Agility information required by the KAFTA reports get pulled into these temporary KAFTA records, irrespective of whether ARCHIVE_TO_PI is true or false.
  • The execution plan “Generate Records based on Records” then executes. This populates the target records using the data in the temporary records.
For example, the Job record is populated using data from the temporary Job1 & Job2 records. It is at this point Core KTA information is retained/removed based upon the ARCHIVE_TO_PI flag.
  • Currently, all Capture information is retained within the KAFTA database which has been raised for resolution in TFS #590663

Keywords: update pi, kafta, reporting