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KTA 7.3 - Processes and Resources which can be monitored in KTA by Kofax Monitor


Kofx Monitor is a separate product to KTA, and can be used to measure KTA performance 13674

The common resources and processes Kofax Monitor can monitor for a KTA environment are:

  • KTA platform server’s availability and service levels.
  • KTA database status, currency, and growth.
  • KTA import connector status, processing, and exceptions.
  • KTA license usage.
  • KTA client access.
  • KTA WCF service call status.
  • KTA report processing.

By monitoring these resources, the resulting Kofax Monitor detects the following:

  • Status of application resources and business processes from the application user perspective.
  • Process exceptions using threshold comparisons and network connectivity issues.
  • Malfunctions in applications running on many computer platforms.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) violations.
Please note that Kofax Monitor is a separate product to TotalAgility, and as such it requires a separate licence.

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