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KTA Activity Notification, how does the user take the activity?


Sending out activity notifications there is no sessionID in the URL specified within the email. The resolution below details steps to correctly setup a landing page and redirect the user to their activity. 5368

A landing page is required to log the user in before redirecting them to the activity. A landing page is simply an additional login page used to generate a sessionID and redirecting the user to the activity

  1. Create a TotalAgility Login page
  2. Right-Click and select “Events”
  3. Configure the redirect event to point to your take activity page
  4. Map up the relevant fields.

Open you map and configure your email notification, specify the URL to point to your newly created login page. Ie http://SERVERNAME/LandingPage.sppx

When the user receives there email when an activity has become pending the URL will look like the example below

Note: the relevant information contained within the URL that will be used in your mappings for the redirect event.

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