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Kofax TotalAgility - Use Windows Authentication for Tenant Databases

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When installing KTA OPMT v7.7, there is a new option in the Install Databases screen.  This is called Use Windows Authentication For Tenant Databases


What are the benefits of this feature?

This feature means that the KTA service account can be used to connect to the tenant databases. In previous versions of KTA OPMT, we could only connect to the tenant databases using Sql Authentication via a user created during tenant creation.

Additionally, this means that the tenant databases are separated into multiple databases.  For example, a single tenant called testTenant would have the following databases:

  • TotalAgility_Documents_Live_testTenant
  • TotalAgility_Main_Live_testTenant
  • TotalAgility_Reporting_Live_testTenant
  • TotalAgility_Reporting_Staging_Live_testTenant
  • TotalAgility_Simulator_Live_testTenant

Note:  There will be 5 more databases for a Dev environment if enabled.

However, when we do not use this option the same tenant would only have 1 database called TotalAgility_testTenant

When to use this feature?

This feature should only be used when there is trust between the tenants.  For example, each tenant is a different business unit within the same company such as Sales, Tech Support etc.

If there is no trust between tenants this option should not be used.