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Kofax TotalAgility 7.3 - Changes made by SetDocumentFieldStatus method appear to be overwritten when any field on Document form is confirmed.

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Applies To

  • Product Name: KTA 7.3

Behavior / Question

  • It has been raised several times that when using the SetDocumentFieldStatus method, the field will be changed as desired when the method is called, however the changes appear to be undone when another field on the document form is confirmed.

For Example:

A document Form has 2 fields; Field1 and Field2.
The document completes extraction and the fields are extracted and are marked Valid.
The SetDocumentFieldStatus method is called and marks Field2 as Invalid..
At run-time, in Validation the user presses ‘Enter’ on Field1, confirming it.
Field2 is now is now seen as Valid.

This is caused by the validation rules being re-run when Field1 was confirmed.

Resolution / Answer

This is expected behaviour. The explanation as to why the field is marked as valid, is because when we press enter/confirm any field on a document form, the validation rules will be rerun, re-evaluating all document fields according to the rules (regardless of what is set by the API).

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