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Kofax TotalAgility - How to correctly set DPI from mobile devices

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Applies To

Kofax TotalAgility 7.x

Behaviour / Question

I want to ensure DPI is set correctly for mobile devices to prevent images getting improperly scaled .

Known Causes / Background Example:

The image has been created by a mobile device, incorrectly passed thru IP which has increased the scale of the image massively. This is not only inefficient on system resources, but causes issues with IIS trying to load such large data as per reported in this case.

Resolution / Answer

Basically there are some rules to follow with image processing:

  1. DPI values must *always* be correct.
  2. Camera DPI values can *never* be correct, so they must be handled differently.

The KTA help advises when processing the mobile camera images, usually the DPI is not set correctly or is missing from the image metadata. In such cases, eVRS returns an error. To avoid this, add _DeviceType_2to the eVRS processing string. To handle this scenario, they would have simple decision or branching rule logic to first check the pages DPI’s using for example:

KTA SDK GetPagePropertyValues:

If it is equal to 72 or 96 or missing it is considered an image of a mobile device and perform the IP with a mobile scan profile. Or alternatively, process thru standard scan profile with correct DPI.

Keywords: Kofax TotalAgility, DPI, mobile devices