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Can A Kofax TotalAgility Installation Be Moved To A New Domain

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Question / Problem: 

Is it possible to move an existing TotalAgility (KTA) installation to a new Network Domain?

Answer / Solution: 

It is certainly possible to move KTA to another Domain, but some preparation is required.

All necessary steps are influenced by the individual system environment, so the following are not step by step procedures, but rather generic tips that can assist with this procedure.


General Guidelines:

First, please create a backup of the existing KTA database and all KTA configuration files.

On the Operating System side please make sure that all the security settings are working with the planned new Domain (Firewall Rules, IIS Certificates, writing to KTA Directories, etc....).

For KTA, if using Windows Users in KTA, please ensure that there is at least one valid user with the needed user-rights (Admin/Designer access) in the new Domain, before changing the Domain. Otherwise, everyone could be locked out from KTA. The following SQL query (be sure to make a backup of the Database before executing) could be used to update the admin user in the new domain so that there is access to KTA Designer. This would be run against the main TotalAgility database.

UPDATE nt_resource SET nt_name = REPLACE(nt_name, 'domain\oldResource', 'domain\NewResource')

Any entries in the configuration files that contain the old domain would also need to be updated. A folder search in Windows File Explorer to "Search in Files" for the old Domain Name in all KTA Directories to find which files have entries relating to the old domain, then modify those files using the Find/Replace file option could be done for this.

Verification will also be required to see if there are any webservices, DLLs, scripts, etc. that might contain a URL or entry using the old domain and change those to the new domain.

Also, User Resources will need to be synched/created again within the associated new domain.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please don't change the Domain on a Production Environment before the Domain-Change has been thoroughly tested on a Development or Test Environment, otherwise the environment could become inoperable.


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