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Question / Problem: 

What might be the problem if attempting an upgrade results in KofaxTotalAgilityInstallErrorLog.txt containing the error: Invalid column name 'INTERNAL_MODIFIED_DATE_TIME'?

Answer / Solution: 

This error is usually misleading and indicates that database scripts have failed earlier in the upgrade process.

During a KTA upgrade there are different Phases of a KTA Database Upgrade.  If an error occurs during the first phase when the database scripts are run to update the schema, the installer does not stop.  So if the subsequent phase of upgrading the database artifacts fails and references an invalid column, then this indicates that scripts in the first phase must have failed.

One of the actions performed in the database artifact upgrade is to update the format of forms in the database.  When it tries to do this, it expects the schema to have been properly updated with the columns expected in the new version.  The INTERNAL_MODIFIED_DATE_TIME column is added to the FORM and NAVIGATION tables by the following script:
[Install Source]\TotalAgility\TotalAgilityInstall\DatabaseScripts\SQL Server\Upgrade Database Scripts\ To Conversion Scripts\Convert_Forms.sql

Thus this error can happen when upgrading from KTA 7.5 or lower, and it would occur if the above script or any script before it fails to execute successfully.

If no explicit error is listed, then the log may just list the filename of the script that failed to run.  This may indicate that the sqlcmd Utility is missing from the system running the upgrade.  It is required for all versions lower than KTA 7.9.

If an error was written to the CEBPMDatabaseErrorLog.txt file (on the desktop of the user running the database upgrade), then that should give context on the specific point of failure.  Fixing the problem will depend on troubleshooting that specific error (and not focusing specifically on the “Invalid column name 'INTERNAL_MODIFIED_DATE_TIME'” error which is a secondary effect).


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.5 and earlier



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