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Kofax TotalAgility 7.2 OPMT - String argument is empty Parameter name: cacheName

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The configuration in web.config and streamingservice.exe.config on both the DEV and LIVE server must be correct; e.g.

<add key="TotalAgilityHostNameDev" value="DEV_SERVERNAME.NETWORKDOMAIN.lan" />
<add key="TotalAgilityHostNameLive" value="LIVE_SERVERNAME.NETWORKDOMAIN.lan" />

On a Dev deployment only the TotalAgilityHostNameDev setting in web.config is used.

On a Live deployment, both the TotalAgilityHostNameLive and TotalAgilityHostNameDev settings in web.config are used. TMS uses these settings on the Live deployment to create the URLs in the email sent for a new or updated tenant.

However when doing a Live deployment OPMT installation there is no way for the user to specify the TotalAgilityHostNameDev setting, so it just sets this to the current server name.

So currently the TotalAgilityHostNameDev setting needs to be updated manually after installation. There is also no way for the KTA installer to automatically determine the value for TotalAgilityHostNameDev setting while doing a Live deployment OPMT installation.

This is currently not documented in the OPMT installation guide therefore an enhancement request has been raised for the next release of the Product. Furthermore, an enhancement request has been raised to allow the user to input these settings manually during installation.

Keywords: KTA OPMT, cacheName, web config, TotalAgilityHostNameDev, TotalAgilityHostNameLive