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Kofax TotalAgility - Operation Not Supported


You observe an Operation Not Supported error using the platform. 


Applies to..

All versions of KTA


This error occurs when the TotalAgility install zip file is downloaded via FTP from an untrusted site causing the browser to add “Blocks” on specific DLLs contained within the Zip file. When the files are unzipped, the Blocks are not removed by the extraction tool. This causes files to be registered incorrectly during installation reported by a “Operation Not Supported” error.


To confirm this is indeed the cause; navigate to the downloaded TotalAgility zip file and right click on the file and view its properties. If the file is blocked, a button exists stating ' unblock’. If this button exists, it typically means this zip file has been blocked during download.

To alleviate, navigate to the downloaded TotalAgility install zip file properties and click unblock.

Once the zip file is extracted with no blocks, run a full repair or reapply the SP/FP using elevated permissions (Run as Administrator).

Note: clicking the button to unblock the file may not resolve the error as the DLL files must be installed correctly
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