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Kofax TotalAglity - Troubleshooting Message Connector Installation failed

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Applies To

Kofax TotalAgility 7.x

Behaviour / Question

Installing or upgrading KTA you find the KIC service is missing and a Product: Kofax - Message Connector -- Installation failed message in the application event log.

Known Causes / Background Example:

Resolution / Answer

Please run the following commands in CMD (Run as Administrator):

  • Navigate to the “TotalAgility\KIC\Export\MC” directory, then type setup.exe /log MCIinstalllog.log.
  • Run the command, progress thru the installation program until it fails.
  • Check the MC Install log for the reason for the failed installation. If still unsure raise a ticket with Tech Support and attach the MC install log and screenshots.

*The setup.exe /log bootstrapper will also log the MC.msi and contains the same info as "msiexec /i MC.msi/l*v msi.log"

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