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H.323 call control failure in Message Connector

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Question / Problem: 

In the Message Connector Monitor under the Status section, the Fax H.323 call control shows:

Error 613417473: Process has been terminated.




Answer / Solution: 

This is a known issue submitted under TFS Bug ID: 1596444 that started in KTA 7.8 and will be addressed in KTA 7.10 slated for December 2021 release.


To workaround this issue there are two options through the Message Connector Configuration Utility.

1.  Launch the Message Configuration Utility through the Start | Kofax menu or through the Message Connector Monitor:

ms configuration.jpg        ms configuration monitor.jpg



2.  Click the Advanced option


3.  Option #1 - In the "List of Call Peers" disable the H.323 protocol. 

list of call peers.png

4.  Option #2 - Or ignore the above list of call peers and disable the FoIP functionality in the security options completely.

security options.png

5.  Restart the Kofax Message Connector service.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.8
KTA 7.9



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