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Send Image from Kapow (Kofax RPA) to KTA

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Question / Problem: 

Is it possible to output Kapow image or binary variable to KTA?
Which variable needs to be mapped?

Answer / Solution: 

We don't have any variables that will hold the image or binary values, so we must use text instead. In Kapow, we did the following:

Enter How to here:

  1. Add a type with an attribute of type 'long text'
  2. Add a variable consuming the long text type (in the binary robot - I made a copy of the robot)
  3. Add a 'Convert Variables' step after the 'Extract Screenshot' step
    From = image_binary_2
    Converters = Base64 encode
    To = long text variable
  4. Change the variable returned in the return value step to the long text type variable
  5. Map a String variable to the Kapow return variable


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA  7.X



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