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Is The Amazon CloudWatch RUM (Real-User Monitoring) Feature Available With The Kofax Cloud/SaaS Environments

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Is the Amazon CloudWatch RUM (Real-User Monitoring) feature available to use in a Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) Cloud/SaaS environment?

Here is a link to a description of this feature.

Amazon RUM



The Amazon CloudWatch RUM feature is not supported within the Kofax Cloud environment. Since this is a hosted SaaS environment, Customers/Partners should not be trying to monitor the systems. The Kofax Cloud Services do have their own monitoring setup to check the system for performance, errors, etc.


This feature would be more suitable where a customer is hosting KTA on their own Cloud/SaaS environment where they have control over the platform.


If Product and Operator Performance analytics and reporting related to KTA is desired, the data can be collected and monitored through the Kofax Insight/KAFTA application that can be used in conjunction with KTA.


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Article # 3048204
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