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KAFTA Minute Execution Plan Failing With "Query doesn't return any data" Error

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The KAFTA Minute Execution Plan is failing intermittently with this error in the Query step.

"Query doesn't return any data."

The failures are intermittent. What could be causing these failures?



This error could be a condition of the configuration settings for the Execution Plan.



If the ExecutionPlanStatus database table is functioning as expected per the following KB article, then see below for another explanation.

Query doesn't return any data during the Check step of the Hourly Execution Plan

There is a configuration setting for the Minute Execution Plan that causes the plan to "fail" if no new data is returned when the plan checks for data. See the following screenshot for reference for the "Query" step of the plan. The setting is highlighted on the right in the Properties.



Here is a description of the setting.

Failed, if returns an empty record set.
If this option is selected, the plan fails in the case the query returns no data.


So, when the Minute plan runs, if no new data is returned, then the "query doesn't return any data" message occurs and because the option above is enabled, it results in a "failure." It doesn't mean there was a failure, it just reports it as such. Typically, depending on the level of active jobs, the next time the plan runs, new data will be retrieved and the plan will complete successfully.

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