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“[8001] AcLicImp: Insufficient licensing to run the requested module or feature…..”

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Question / Problem

How to resolve below error when log in to KTA.

“[8001] AcLicImp: Insufficient licensing to run the requested module or feature. Close down unused instances or obtain a new acvaon code that reflects your actual licensing requirements.”

Answer / Solution

Actually this error will be thrown when tried an additional login than the KTA license supports.

But this also can cause when users not logoff TA properly (for ex by closing the browser) and so these sessions remains until they login again.

For ex: if the license is only for 4 users and User1, User2, User3, User4 has logged in to the KTA and they closed browsers without clicking on Logoff. Then these four sessions will not be ended and if 5th user tried to login, it throws this license error.

This can be resolved using one of below options.

  • Users should properly logoff by clicking on Logoff button.
  • Un-used sessions can be ended from workspace. (or by SQL script " truncate table [TotalAgility].[dbo]. [AW_LOGGEDON_USER]")
  • A scheduler map (calling LogOffUsers-api) can be set to run at out of business hours so that it will end all the open sessions.

If it is in PROD, above solutions need to apply in out of business hours, as ending login session will impact PROD user.

Keywords: Insufficient licensing, login, Concurrent User, AW_LOGGEDON_USER, Workspace