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Business Rule Logging

If a business rule throws an error or does not output the expected values, we need a way to see the internal workings of the rule.  Business rule logging allows for us to create an separate job based on the business rule when it is executed.  This allows us to see its properties such as history and variables.

Applies to

  • KTA 7.4
  • KTA 7.5
  • KTA 7.6


To enable logging, do the following

  1. In the TotalAgility Workspace, go to Administration -> Manage Business Rule Logging
  2. Select the business rule you want to enable logging for.
  3. Select either "Record During Rule" or "Record On Rule Completion".  Record during rule will record as each activity in the BR is executed.  Record on rule completion will record the history when the rule finishes executing
  4. Press the "Update Status" button

To view the logs, do the following:

  1. In the TotalAgility Workspace, go to Jobs -> Find
  2. Create a new job query
  3. Set Type = "Business Rule", Status = "Live & Finished", Process Map = name of rule
  4. Save the query
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