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Further Logging Information - KTA 7.4



Applies To

  • KTA 7.4


  • As KTA comprises on many components, these components will have logging available. Logging is paramount to getting a detailed understanding of what exactly happened at the time of an issue. As such, it is good to understand fully the limits and characteristics of the more commonly used logs in KTA.


  • Please find a detailed description below the title and location of each type of logging:

Web/App Server:

C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\Agility.Server.Web\OpenAPISDK1.log

The OpenAPI SDK is used by a 3rd party component (Konica Minolta).

I have attached the App developers guide for your reference. This SDK produces the log file OpenAPISDK.log. Please review the pages 527 – 529 for further information on what we have summarized below:

The following configuration settings can be applied for logging:

  1. MaxSize: Specify the maximum size of the log file in MB
  2. OutputFolder: Specify the directory to which the log file is output. (It can be either absolute path or relative path)
  3. OutputType: Specify the level of the output log

This is an extract taken from the OpenAPI Application Developer’s guide: The Open API SDK will create OpenAPISDK1.log in the directory specified in OutputFolder and output a log. If the size of OpenAPISDK1.log exceeds the file size specified in MaxSize, it creates OpenAPISDK2.log and switches the log file. Additionally, if the size of OpenAPISDK2.log exceeds the file size specified in MaxSize, create OpenAPISDK1.log again and switches the log file.

License Server:


The licensing folder doesn’t contain actual logs, but files with the license usage data. The data in this folder will not grow therefore it does not require maintenance.

Reporing Server:


In KTA the circular logging rule is set to 10x5MB for each log.

So, the maximum volume will be 50 Mb for Worker log + 50 MB for each tenant log. For OP installation maximum volume will be 50 + 50 = 100 MB.
Both size and amount of files are customizable via log4net.config

Analyics Server:

C:\Temp\Insight_5.5\*.log C:\Temp\Insight_5.5\Consolidated.log

Insight uses the Log4net library for its logging. Logging is enabled by default, but it can be disabled by setting log4 net threshold="OFF". Log files are overwritten when they exceed 10MB. All log4net logging config is stored in corresponding web.config files. The location of the output log file is configurable. Please find further information regarding Insight Logging in the attached document ‘Insight_Log_Files’.

Transformaion Server:

D:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\Transformaion Server\KofaxCPUServerLog.log

Every time the Transformation Server service starts, if there is an existing log file it is saved and a new one will be created when there is something to log. The most recent 10 log files are kept, older ones are deleted. Additionally, Wraparound can be controlled by using a RollingFlatFileTraceListener from Enterprise Library through configuration.

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