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KTA Special Agent windows command utility to gather in-depth environmental information including all configs and log files

The KTA Special Agent is a windows command utility created by Technical Support to gather in-depth environmental information including configs/log, components/services installed in a Kofax TotalAgility host machine.

This windows command utility has been superseded by the System Info desktop app found here.


  • All supported versions of Windows (server and client) have a set of Win32 console commands built-in.  
  • Supports all version of Kofax TotalAgility and installation types.
  • Requires Administrative permissions.

Install Guide

  1. Download the from here on MindTouch.
  2. Extract in the target machine. 
  3. Run the KTASpecialAgent.exe. Note: Does not require installation, the executable will only copy items into the destination folder.

User Guide

The executable requests two parameters:

  1. Enter Kofax TotalAgility component(s) install location eg C:\Program Files\Kofax\
  2. Enter output folder destination eg C:\Temp\KofaxInfo

This utility will copy the following items to the destination folder:

  • Kofax registry keys (Reg export command in .log file type)
  • .NETFramework registry versions (Reg export command in .log file type)
  • All Kofax config and log files (xcopy source destination /S /C /I /Y command)
  • .NET machine and IIS configs (xcopy source destination /S /C /I /Y command)
  • IIS logs (xcopy source destination /S /C /I /Y command
  • All KTA Installation error logs (xcopy source destination /S /C /I /Y command)
  • All CEBPMDatabaseErrorLogs (xcopy source destination /S /C /I /Y command)
  • All Transformation Installation logs (xcopy source destination /S /C /I /Y command)
  • Application event log -unfiltered (wevtutil epl to destination command)
  • System event log -unfiltered (wevtutil epl to destination command)
  • Security event log -unfiltered (wevtutil epl to destination command)
  • Detailed Operating System info (wmic service get command)
  • Detailed Service Info (wmic Service command)
  • System Info including Windows updates (systeminfo command)
  • All Kofax file versions List (wmic datafile command)

Once the executable completes, it will advise to zip up destination folder and attach it to your Kofax Support case.

This utility should not have any customer data as it does not connect to any databases, only gathers system information along with kofax configs and logs file types.  However, some customers may restrict information such as server names.  If this is the case, it is possible to redact the information in the files in the destination folder before zipping it and attaching to the Kofax support case.